Multistone Beaded Necklace Sterling Silver 925

This high quality five stone beaded necklace looks gorgeous on the neckline. The soft pastel tones of the beads match beautifully with the sterling silver chain.

The stones collectively will bring you more love,happiness,joy,prosperity,healing and much more.This is a great necklace for when you want to attract a variety of intentions.Wearing crystals close to the body helps to magnify the energy of the stones.

The stones featured are;

*Clear Quartz(clear)


*Aquamarine(light blue)


*Rose Quartz (pink)


Clear Quartz

Energy + Power + Success + Healing + Manifestation

This stone is the most powerful energy amplifier on the planet by helping to ramp up the energy of the other stones.

Known as the Master Healer with a high vibration of positivity.

It's a powerful manifestation stone to bring about your goals, desires and any intentions that you set.

Rose Quartz

Love + Healing + Peace + Harmony + Happiness

Known to attract new love, promote self love and bring harmony to all forms of relationships.

This stone brings deep inner peace and soothes the heart.


Peace + Calming + Intuition + Protection +Health

Known to bring a sense of tranquility and helps to calm the mind, perfect for healing and health.

Also enhances creativity and passion for life.


Happiness + Success + Creativity + Abundance + Joy

A stone of abundance and manifestation,attracting wealth, prosperity,success and good fortune.

Embodying the power of the sun, it brings joy and optimism with positive results.


Peace + Abundance + Intuition + Protection + Courage

Aquamarine carries the soothing and cleansing powers of the sea. It has a gentle calming energy that reduces stress and anxiety while enhancing inner strength and confidence. 

When it’s worn during meditation, Aquamarine allows you to reconnect with your true self, bringing a sense of inner peace.



Chain Length~40cm (not adjustable in length)

Bead Sizes~6mm to 6.5mm

Chain metal~925 Sterling Silver (925 engraved)

Silver beads~Plastic

Packaging~Comes with pink gift box + stone ID card