Apophyllite Raw Crystal Cluster-14cm

Listed here is a beautiful Apophyllite crystal cluster that will work in with any home decor setting whether you have a modern or traditional home.

Place this on your coffee table, on top of a pile of books, shelf, desk,mantle or bedside table. Sits upright by itself but can also be displayed on a stand of your choice.

The crystal clusters shimmer in the light and has a beautiful peaceful vibe to it that will bring great energy to any space.


Intuition + Wellness + Positivity + Enlightenment

Apophyllite is a high vibration crystal that contains a very uplifting energy.It is both calming and balancing and helps to overcome stress.

This is a powerful crystal for the mind and emotions as it helps to release negative thought patterns.


This is a very powerful stone to use during meditation as it will enhance mental clarity and intuition.

Use in the home in social rooms such as the living and kitchen areas as it will remove negative energies and replace them with uplifting vibrations of peace,love and happiness.

Apophyllite Crystal Cluster




Crystal Cluster


White/Light Grey


Approximately~14cm x 9.5cm x 4cm high

Weight Approximately~662 grams

**Listing is for 1 cluster.

**You will receive the exact cluster pictured.