Chakra 7 Stone Beaded Necklace Sterling Silver 925 Gold Plated

This high quality seven stone beaded chakra necklace looks gorgeous on the neckline.

The beads have been carefully selected to reflect the seven chakras of the body. We have used a 925 sterling silver chain with gold plating which looks amazing with the rainbow coloured stones.

Features stones are;

*Clear Quartz (clear)-Crown Chakra

*Amethyst (purple)-Third Eye Chakra

*Aquamarine (light blue)-Throat Chakra

*Green Aventurine (green)-Heart Chakra

*Citrine (yellow)-Solar Plexus Chakra

*Carnelian (orange)-Sacral Chakra

*Black Obsidian (black)-Root Chakra



Chain Length~40cm (not adjustable in length)

Bead Sizes~6mm to 6.5mm

Chain metal~925 Sterling Silver with gold plating (925 engraved)

Gold beads~Plastic

Packaging~Comes with pink gift box + chakra stone ID card