Sleep Crystal Gift Pack with Isaac Mizrahi Satin Pillow Cases

Looking for a beautiful gift pack for mum or someone special in your life? Or maybe you just want to treat yourself with the ultimate sleep pack.This value packed crystal kit will surely be a delight for the recipient.

This kit will take your sleep routine to the next level as it has 2 beautiful Isaac Mizrahi anti aging satin pillow cases...which is kind to the skin and your hair.

Our 'Sleep Crystal Gift Pack' are carefully hand picked and curated stones that are traditionally known to help achieve a peaceful night's sleep.

In this kit you will receive the following items:

*1x Rose Quartz raw stone (pink)

*1x Amethyst tumbled stone (purple)

*1x White howlite tumbled stone (white/grey)

*1x Celestite mini raw stone (light blue)

*2x Pink anti aging satin pillow cases by Isaac Mizrahi

*1x Pink satin eye mask

*1x Pink travel pouch for the tumbled stones

*1x Pink gift box


Amethyst Stone

Eases tensions and helps to keep you relaxed by calming the mind.Perfect stone to keep in the bedroom.

Rose Quartz Stone

A beautiful stone known to help with self love and bring harmony and peace to the bedroom. A great stone to help you relax  before bedtime.

White Howlite Stone
A calming stone that will allow you to relax and achieve a peaceful night's sleep.
Celestite Stone
This stone provides a calming and tranquil environment.Helps you to replace negative thoughts helping you stay positive and relaxed.

Pink Satin Pillow Cases by

Isaac Mizrahi New York

A pillow case made of soft satin fabric to help prevent creases,fine lines and wrinkles.Its sleek surface helps to keep hair neat and damage free.

These cases are machine washable and made to fit standard pillow (20 inches x 30 inches)

Pink Satin Eye Mask
Soft satin eye mask measuring 18cm wide x 6cm long.


A.Crystals are cleansed at Gemrox with Sage prior to delivery to you.If you would still like to cleanse each crystal, you can use a palo santo stick or sage. Crystals can also be cleansed and charged with Selenite or moonlight.Avoid water as Celestite may not tolerate getting wet.

B.Silently sit and hold the 4 stones in your hands for a few minutes and set an intention such as "I would like these crystals to help me achieve a peaceful night's sleep".

C. Visualise yourself with this intention and feel the healing energies of the crystals.

D. Place the crystals near your bedside table each night.


**The pictures represent the quality & sizing you can expect to receive, however please note that stones are unique & one of a kind so there will be slight variations in colour, sizing, pattern and striations.