Love Happiness and Peace Crystal Kit Gift Pack

You will love this gorgeous set of crystals handpicked for you! The pack has been curated with the theme of "LOVE HAPPINESS and PEACE" in mind.

Not only will you get a variety of stunning pieces incorporating a cluster,towers and moon shapes but it also comes gift boxed ready for giving.

Perfect as a treat for yourself or to give to a loved one,especially those starting out on their crystal discovery journey.

In this set you will receive the following crystals:

  • 1x Rose Quartz mini tower
  • 1x Clear Quartz mini tower
  • 1x Amethyst mini tower
  • 1x Amethyst mini crystal cluster
  • 1x Rose Quartz moon shaped crystal
  • 1x Clear Quartz moon shaped crystal
  • 1x Amethyst moon shaped crystal
  • 1x Kraft Gift box


Peace + Calming + Intuition + Protection 

Amethyst has been much admired throughout history. With its powerful healing and cleansing abilities, it's one of the most popular stones used in crystal healing today. 


Love + Peace + Harmony + Happiness

Rose Quartz has long been recognised as the stone of unconditional love. With its beautiful soft pink hue and gentle energy, this stone brings inner peace.


Energy + Power + Success + Manifestation

Clear Quartz is regarded as the most powerful energy amplifier on the planet. It is a great stone to manifest your desires and set any intention that you want,for this reason it's a very versatile stone.

Love Happiness and Peace Crystal Set



Rose Quartz-Pale Pink

Clear Quartz-Clear



*Tower~5cm high x 1.5cm wide

*Moon Crystal~2.5cm x 3cm

*Crystal Cluster~5cm x 3cm x 3cm high

Rose Quartz

*Tower~7cm high x 1.5cm wide

*Moon Crystal~2.5cm x 3cm

Clear Quartz

*Tower~6cm high x 2cm wide

*Moon Crystal~2.5cm x 3cm

Combined Weight of all stones

Approximately~184 grams