Selenite and Rose Quartz Candle and Tealight Holder

This Selenite and Rose Quartz tealight holder is simply beautiful. The combination of soft white and pastel pink looks divine especially when it's lit to produce a beautiful and serene ambiance.

Selenite is a stone known for cleansing your space of negative energy and replacing it with clear good vibrations. 

Rose Quartz is another great stone to have in your space as it radiates love,harmony and peace.

This combination of stones is perfect to create a tranquil relaxing vibe for any room of the home, particularly the bedroom as both stones are known to help with sleep.

The base has a row of 11 Rose Quartz raw stones and the rest of the piece has 3 rows of Selenite mini logs.

Underside of base also has a layer of felt to protect your surfaces.

Can be used with either tealights or small candle~5cm wide x 7cm high.


Peace + Positivity + Protection + Cleansing 

Carrying a calming and purifying energy, Selenite cleanses the space of any negativity and brings a deep sense of inner peace. It's known as a powerful stone of luck and protection, absorbing any negative energy while emanating light and peaceful vibrations.


Love + Healing + Peace + Harmony + Happiness

Rose Quartz has long been recognised as the stone of unconditional love. With its beautiful soft pink hue and gentle energy, this stone brings inner healing and peace.

Rose Quartz help to restore trust in relationships, soothe the heart in times of grief or loss and will encourage self-love and acceptance.

Selenite and Rose Quartz Candle and Tealight Holder


Selenite and Rose Quartz


Tealight and candle holder


Translucent White (Selenite)

Pink (Rose Quartz)


Approximately~13cm wide 11cm high x 12cm deep


Approximately 490 grams


**Listing is for 1 candle holder.

**Includes a set of 4 unscented light grey tealights with pink organic cotton bag.

Do not get Selenite wet as it will dissolve.



Price is per one piece, intuitively picked for you. All other crystals featured are available for sale separately.The pictures represent the quality & sizing you can expect to receive, however please note that each piece is unique & one of a kind so there will be slight variations in colour,sizing, pattern and striations.

Also note that Selenite can have a chalky residue look on its surface, this is all part of the stone's natural formation.

Do not get Selenite wet or cleanse with water as it will dissolve.