'Sleep Easy' Crystal Wellness Kit

Are you having trouble sleeping or suffering from insomnia and wondering whether crystals can help ? Or maybe a loved one or friend is needing some help in this area of their life.

Certain crystals can help create a more peaceful and tranquil space, helping to relax the body and calm the mind.

Many factors contribute to poor sleep such as stress, anxiety, work and the modern world.

Keep in mind that good sleep hygiene as well as mindfulness can go a long way to solving sleep problems.That's exactly why we have created this kit to tackle the problem from many angles. It's also advised to seek help from your family doctor to eliminate any other medical causes.

Incorporating crystals can be an added layer of help and a gentle reminder to slow down and take time out for YOU.

Our 'Sleep Easy Crystal Kit' are carefully hand picked and curated stones that are traditionally known to help create a restful environment.

In this kit you will receive the following items:

*1x Lepidolite tumbled stone

*1x Angelite tumbled stone

*1x Amethyst tumbled stone

*1x White Howlite tumbled stone

*1x Rose Quartz tumbled stone

*1x Selenite log (to charge your crystals)

*1x Boxed "Sleep Easy Cards" 100 tips for deep and easy sleep

*1x Pink satin eye mask

*1x Palo Santo stick with pink dried baby's breath to cleanse your crystals

*1x Pink organic cotton pouch to store your crystals

*1x Pink gift box


1. Lepidolite Stone

Brings peace and harmony into your space.It's known for its calming abilities and is a useful stone to keep in the bedroom.Keeping it beside your bed will allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and positive.

2. Angelite Stone

Promotes a deep sense of tranquility.Calming and comforting, Angelite is the perfect stone to keep in the bedroom.Helps to soothe an overactive mind and ease insomnia.

3.Amethyst Stone

Eases tensions and helps to keep you relaxed by calming the mind.Amethyst helps to counter anxiety related insomnia.

4.White Howlite Stone

Carries a calming energy that is helpful in reducing anxiety,tension and stress.Keep the stone in the bedroom or under your pillow for a deep and restful sleep.

5.Rose Quartz Stone

A beautiful stone to have in the bedroom as it creates a loving, intimate and restful environment.Keep under your pillow to encourage a peaceful sleep.

6.Selenite Log

Helps to charge and cleanse the other crystals simply by placing it near or on top of the crystals overnight.Also helps to cleanse the mind of any negativity and brings a deep sense of inner peace.

Note: Please do not get Selenite wet as it will dissolve in water.

7.Palo Santo Stick

Use the Palo Santo stick to initially cleanse your crystals of any prior negative energy.Follow the easy instructions that come with the kit.

Palo Santo is used for its energetically cleansing and healing properties.

8.Sleep Easy 100 Boxed Card Set

Enjoy deep relaxation with this boxed set of 100 cards that you can utilise as tips for a deep and easy sleep.Each tip if utilised will set you on the path to help combat insomnia.

9.Pink Satin Eye Mask

Use this to help you eliminate any stray lights in the bedroom that can interrupt a good nights rest.

10.Calming Essential Oil Blend

Pure Essential Calming Oil Blend with geranium,lavender,rose,sandalwood,cedarwood and orange.


11.Pink Pouch

Made of organic cotton, our gorgeous pink pouch will help to store your crystals in a safe place.You can even take your crystals with you when travelling in this pretty pouch.


A.Before beginning to use this kit, please ensure that the crystals are cleansed the first time you begin to use them.

You will receive a Palo Santo stick with this kit to ensure you have a fresh start with your new crystals.Please refer to the simple cleansing instructions that accompany the kit.

(Note: Crystals are cleansed at Gemrox with Sage prior to delivery to you,however it would still be worthwhile to start fresh with your own energy and intentions).

B.Silently sit and hold your crystals in your hands for a few minutes before bed and take 5 deep breaths.

C. Visualise yourself and feel the healing energies of the crystals.

D.Set your intentions with your crystals and let them know exactly what it is you need them to help you with. 

E. Keep the crystals near your bedside table.You can even keep one of the smaller ones under your pillow.

F.From time to time,place the crystals overnight on the Selenite mini plate to help cleanse and charge your crystals particularly when someone else has touched your crystals or you want to set new intentions.


**The pictures represent the quality & sizing you can expect to receive, however please note that stones are unique & one of a kind so there will be slight variations in colour, sizing, pattern and striations.