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Free: Chakra Crystal Chip Necklace

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Chakra Chip Crystal Necklace 

The vibrant colours of this crystal chakra chip necklace all blend beautifully to create a striking piece of jewellery.

Chakra Crystal Chip Necklace-48cm


Clear Crystal Quartz,Amethyst,Garnet

Sodalite,Carnelian, Citrine,Rose Quartz


Chakra Chip Necklace


Clear,Purple,Dark Blue,Orange

Yellow,Deep Red,Pink


Heart,Throat, Third Eye,Root

Sacral,Crown,Solar Plexus


Length end to end unclasped~48 cm

On neckline~23cm drop


Approximately~48 grams

Metal Lobster clasp silver toned metal

**Listing is for 1 Chakra Chip Necklace.

**You will receive the exact necklace in this listing.