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Chakra Crystal Kit #1

Our tumbled stone 'Chakra Crystal Kit' consists of carefully hand picked and curated stones that are the perfect combination to align your 7 chakras.

We have also included a bonus Selenite tumbled stone so that you can cleanse and charge your crystals whenever needed.

Chakra Kit 1-Tumbled Stones contain the following 8 stones.

1.CROWN: Clear Quartz

Energy + Inspiration + Power + Success + Healing + Manifestation

2.THIRD EYE: Amethyst

Peace + Healing + Balance + Intuition + Protection + Calming

3.THROAT: Sodalite

Intuition + Intelligence + Creativity + Inspiration + Focus + Communication

4.HEART: Green Aventurine

Happiness + Success + Healing + Positivity + Renewal + Opportunity


Warmth + Happiness + Success + Creativity + Abundance + Joy

6. SACRAL: Carnelian

Strength + Courage + Stability + Passion + Creativity + Vitality

7.ROOT: Red Jasper

Balance + Confidence + Energy + Vitality + Courage + Grounding

8. Selenite (To cleanse and charge the other 7 chakra stones)

Peace + Positivity + Protection + Intuition + Cleansing + Clarity


Stone Type: Tumbled Stones


Sizes: 2.5-3cm


Packaging: Chakra kit comes with the following;

*Pink Gemrox gift box.

*Pink organic cotton pouch.

*8 Crystal properties card … one for each stone.

* Crystal summary print out.


From time to time you can use the Selenite stone included in the kit to cleanse and charge your crystals.

Cleansing your stones

Simply place the Selenite near the stones and leave for 4-6 hours or overnight.Cleanse whenever someone else touches your stones or when you want to clear it of negative energy or to set new intentions for your stones.

Charging your stones

Once a month charge your stones to help retain their energy with the Selenite stone.Simply place the Selenite near your stones overnight.


**Price is per one set of 8 stones, intuitively picked for you. The pictures represent the quality & sizing you can expect to receive, however please note that stones are unique & one of a kind so there will be slight variations in colour, sizing, pattern and striations.

**Please do not get the Selenite stone wet as it will dissolve in water.

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