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Crystal Chip Rollers With Matching Crystals Gift Boxed Set

It is believed that the vibrational power of crystals brings positive energy throughout the body.

These high quality glass bottles contains real polished crystal chips and features a crystal rolling head with a gold metal lid.

To use simply fill each bottle with essential oils or a perfume of your choice.

Collection set includes the following 4 crystal bottles and matching crystal tumbled stones.

Makes an ideal gift for someone special or simply spoil yourself!

1x AMETHYST Roller and 1x Amethyst tumbled stone


1x CLEAR QUARTZ Roller and 1x Clear Quartz tumbled stone

Clarity+Awareness+Amplifying Energy

1x ROSE QUARTZ Roller and 1x Rose Quartz tumbled stone

Compassion+Love+Unconditional Love

1x CITRINE Roller and 1x Citrine tumbled stone

Brightness+Positive Energy+Clearing

1x White Gift Box

Crystal Chip Roller Collection Set With Matching Crystals


Amethyst (purple)

Rose Quartz (pink)

Clear Quartz (clear)

Citrine (yellow)


Crystal Chip Rollers with matching crystals


Each Roller Bottle~8.5cm high x 1.5cm wide

Each Crystal Tumbled Stone~3cm to 4cm

Gift Box~17.5cm x 17.5cm


Each Roller Bottle~41 grams

Each Tumbled Stone~17 to 20 grams


**Listing is for 1 box of 4 crystal rollers with matching crystals.

**This set does not include essential oils or perfumes.

**Includes crystal properties identification card.

**Includes pink organic cotton pouch for stones.



1.Remove cap and roller.

2.Fill the bottle 3/4 of the way with your favourite essential oil or perfume.

3.Replace roller head.

4.Rub across pulse points or on wrists,temples and neck as needed.