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Evil Eye Amulet Wall Hanging-Circular Disc-7cm

Protect your home or office with these stylish colour coordiated circularTurkish glass Evil Eye amulets. They originate from Turkey and are all hand made unique pieces.

The Evil Eye is referred to as 'nazar' in Turkish/Greek culture. It is believed to protect against those that wish you harm through jealousy or envy.

The Evil Eye amulet is said to;

*Ward off evil and protects from harm.

*Offer protection from your enemies or jealous competitors.

*Bring the owner good luck.

*Radiate positive vibes for your home or space.

*Wards off danger.

To offer the best protection, hang this amulet in a prominent place where your family or customers gather.

Evil Eye Wall Hanging Amulet-Circular Disc-7cm


Evil Eye Wall Hanging Amulet


Dark blue/light blue/white/yellow


Evil Eye Glass~7cm

Total Hanging Length~24cm


Centre Circular Amulet~Glass

1x Evil Eye Bead~Plastic

4x Evil Eye Beads~Wooden

8x Blue Beads~Plastic

Rope~Natural Jute

Origin Made in Turkey


**Listing is for 1 amulet.

**Each amulet is slightly different due to its hand made nature.