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Evil Eye Ceramic Round Bowl with Lid

How divine is this high quality Evil Eye bowl with lid that will look great in any home.

This bowl not only offers protection but can be used to store;

*Your crystal stones


*Small keepsake items

It's versatile as it can be used in the kitchen, bedroom, living room or bathroom. Would look great on a coffee table, hallway entrance,mantle, shelf or near your bedside table.

The Evil Eye is referred to as 'nazar' in Turkish/Greek culture. It is believed to protect against those that wish you harm through jealousy or envy.

The Evil Eye is said to;

*Ward off evil and protects from harm.

*Offer protection from your enemies or jealous competitors.

*Bring the owner good luck.

*Radiate positive vibes for your home or space.

*Wards off danger.

To offer the best protection, keep this bowl in a prominent place where your family or customers gather.

Evil Eye Ceramic Bowl with Lid


Evil Eye Ceramic Round Bowl with Lid


Dark blue/light blue/white/yellow/orange/purple/green

Weight ~416 grams


~11cm diameter x 5.5cm deep


**Listing is for 1 bowl.

**Comes with manufacturer's box.

**Please hand wash only in warm water and do not place in dishwasher.Keep away from harsh chemicals, hot water or bleaches.