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Evil Eye Design Mini Storage Tins

These cute mini Evil Eye tins are so eye catching with their vibrant Mediterranean colours.

Perfect for storing small items such as ;

  • Crystals
  • Jewellery
  • Coins
  • Beads

The Evil Eye is referred to as 'nazar' in Turkish/Greek culture. It is believed to protect against those that wish you harm through jealousy or envy.

The Evil Eye is said to;

*Ward off evil and protects from harm.

*Offer protection from your enemies or jealous competitors.

*Bring the owner good luck.

*Radiate positive vibes for your home or space.

*Wards off danger.

Evil Eye Design Mini Storage Tins


Evil Eye Storage Tins


Dark Blue/Light Blue/White/Gold


~4.5cm diameter x 2.5cm high x 4cm deep



Origin Turkey

**Listing is for 1 tin