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Turkish Evil Eye Protection Glass Charm

This Evil Eye charm made of glass is a versatile piece that can be utilised in many different ways simply by adding a ribbon,cord,chain or rope.

You can easily turn it into a;


*Wall Hanging

*Car ornament

*Keychain or

*Handbag attachment

The Evil Eye charm is said to;

*Ward off evil and protects from harm.

*Offer protection from your enemies or jealous competitors.

*Bring the owner good luck.

*Radiate positive vibes for your home or space.

*Wards off danger.

To offer the best protection, hang this charm in a prominent place where your family or customers gather.

Evil Eye Charm


Evil Eye Charm


Dark blue/light blue/white


Evil Eye Centerpiece Diameter~3cm


~8 grams


Evil Eye Centre~Glass


**Listing is for 1 charm.

**Packaged in a silver kraft gift box.