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Green Quartz Crystal in Frosted Glass

This frosted glass containing Green Quartz raw crystals is the perfect way to create a beautiful and calming ambiance to your home.

Green Quartz can be kept in any room of the house or the office. It will absorb negative energy and has been known to protect against radiation and electromagnetic smog.   .


Peace + Healing + Calming + Intuition + Protection 

Green Quartz is connected to the heart chakra.  It will open and balance the heart chakra while healing and stabilising the emotions.  Green Quartz is excellent for stimulating creativity and intuition.  It has the ability to transform negative energies and can bring success,prosperity and abundance. 

Quartz can provide clarity of thought and helps with concentration.  It can also help to retain information which makes it especially useful for those studying.  

Green Quartz Crystal in Frosted Glass 


Raw Green Quartz


Borosilicate Glass

Frosted Finish



Size Stone

Approximately~4cm x 3.5cm (varies)

Size Glass

Approximately ~7.5cm diameter x 10cm high

420mL Capacity


Glass:Approximately~120 grams

Stones:Approximately~570 grams

Total weight:Approximately~690 grams


**Listing is for 1 Green Quartz stones in frosted glass.

**All other stones and accessories are not part of the sale.



Price is per one piece, intuitively picked for you. The pictures represent the quality & sizing you can expect to receive, however please note that each stone is unique & one of a kind so there will be slight variations in colour,sizing, pattern and striations.