My Business Rocks Crystal Kit

Are you starting a new business or have an existing business and want to do everything you can to ensure success? Then read on....

Our 'My Business Rocks' are carefully hand picked and curated 5 stones that are known to help bring prosperity, abundance and success to a new or existing business.

These stones are best known to help attract new customers, bring new opportunities and help sustain a business for the long term.

Think of crystals as your little reminders to think positively about your business and be reminded that if others have succeeded,so can you.Of course crystals aren't going to magically change your reality if you still have a negative mindset about success or have don't feel that you deserve it. You still need to take action everyday to ensure success such as making your customers a priority,giving exceptional service and standing out from the crowd. Crystals are an addition to a buffet of actions that you can to take to really bolster your business.


1. Moss Agate

Promotes new business and aids in any form of enterprise expansion.

Beneficial for small businesses.

2. Green Jade

Helps in making important decisions during business transactions.

Bestows you with lucky chances.

3.Tigers Eye

Ideal for those starting a business for the first time.

Helps you to present ideas when selling.

4. Green Aventurine

Helps you to manifest wealth,prosperity and abundance.


Known as the 'merchant stone' and often called the 'success stone'.

Attracts abundance and luck personally and professionally.


A.Before beginning to use this kit, please ensure that the crystals are cleansed the first time you begin to use them.

You will receive a Palo Santo stick with this kit to ensure you have a fresh start with your new crystals.Please refer to the cleansing instructions that accompany the kit.

(Note: Crystals are cleansed at Gemrox with Sage prior to delivery to you,however it would still be worthwhile to start fresh with your own energy and intentions).

B.Each day,silently sit and hold your crystals in your hands for a few minutes and take 5 deep breaths.

C. Visualise yourself and feel the healing energies of the crystals.

D.Set your intentions with your crystals and let them know exactly what it is you need them to help you with. For example say a few affirmations each day about your business :

  • "My business is expanding,growing and reaching out to more people day by day."
  • "I easily attract my ideal clients".
  • "I am a magnet for success".
  • "Every month my business income is growing".
  • "My business is a huge success'.
  • "I am building a powerful and positive business'.
  • "I am consistently presented with new opportunities to succeed".

E.Place the crystals in your business workplace for maximum impact such as in your cash register, near your work computer etc.


**Price is per one set of 5 stones, intuitively picked for you.

**Includes white tray box.

**All other crystals and accessories are sold separately.

**The pictures represent the quality & sizing you can expect to receive, however please note that stones are unique & one of a kind so there will be slight variations in colour,sizing, pattern and striations.