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Palo Santo Wood Sticks with Engraved Wording

These Palo Santo sticks are extra special as they have a 'burned effect' wood engraving with the words:







Buy them all as a 6 pack full set or as individual sticks for your chosen intention.

Palo Santo is enjoyed by many for it’s energetically cleansing and healing properties.


1. Make sure that you have the windows and doors open so that the negative energy is able to leave your space.

2.Ignite your Palo Santo stick allowing to burn for 30 to 60 seconds then blow out. 

3.Move amongst rooms gently waving the stick in the air or use it to cleanse your crystals by gently moving the smoke above the crystals for 30 seconds.

4. You can choose to say your intentions out aloud as you are cleansing...for example "Please remove all negative energy from this space and let it move out through the doors and windows".

5. You may need to light your stick again if there is no longer any smoke coming off the wood,particularly if you have a larger space to cleanse.

6.When finished place in fire proof bowl - the glow will end on its own, unless you continue to blow, producing smoke.

Palo Santo from South America

Cleansing + Purifying + Detoxifying + Grounding + Calming


Peruvian Palo Santo


Natural Wood


Approximately~ 10cm in length x 2cm wide x 1.5cm deep
Origin South America

Choose your wording and quantities at checkout.


*Full 6 pack

*1x "Blessings" Stick

*1x "Cleansing" Stick

*1x "Guidance" Stick

*1x "Healing" Stick

*1x "Prosperity" Stick

*1x "Protection" Stick

**Comes with printed instruction sheet.



Take care whilst using and only use under adult supervision. Extra care should be taken around flammable materials. Ensure stick is extinguished completely before leaving unattended.