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Protection Crystal Kit in Evil Eye Metal Tin

This 'protection' crystal kit is a great one to have when you feel that you need some extra protection from the universe.

We have included 5 stones known to help protect your energy,space and your home.

Use the kit strategically around your home, office or keep the stones close to you whenever you are travelling in your car or in your handbag when you need a layer of protection.

In this kit you will receive the following items;

*1x Evil Eye Metal Storage Tin (7cm x 3cm high)

*1x Rose Quartz tumbled stone (2.5cm)

*1x Amethyst tumbled stone (3cm)

*1x Black Tourmaline raw stone (3cm)

*1x Selenite tumbled stone (2cm)

*1x Clear Quartz tumbled stone (2.5cm)

*1x Palo Santo stick with instructions

*1x Crystal summary card

*5x Crystal properties card for each stone


    Before starting to use this kit,cleanse the crystals (Rose Quartz,Clear Quartz,Amethyst,Black Tourmaline and Selenite) in the kit with the Palo Santo (brown wood) stick provided.This will ensure that your crystals don't carry any negative energy from anyone else that has handled your crystals.

    ROSE QUARTZ (pink stone)

    Love + Healing + Peace + Harmony + Happiness

    Place this stone in the centre or heart of the home.

    Rose Quartz promotes healthy relationships of all kind,creating harmony within an existing relationship or for strengthening bonds within the family.

    AMETHYST (purple stone)

    Peace + Calming + Intuition + Protection

    Place this stone near your doorstep to banish negativity before it enters the home.

    CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL (clear stone)

    Energy + Power + Success + Manifestation

    Put this stone in the plants by your front door to help them grow and to protect your home from unwanted energy.

    Clear Quartz can also be kept in any room of the house. It will amplify the energy throughout the home emitting a loving vibration to all those in the vicinity.

    SELENITE log (milky white)

    Peace + Positivity + Protection + Cleansing 

    Place the Selenite near your front door to help to clear any negative vibes that you or anyone else happens to bring in.

    Carrying a calming and purifying energy, Selenite cleanses the space of any negativity and brings a deep sense of inner peace. It's known as a powerful stone of luck and protection, absorbing any negative energy while emanating light and peaceful vibrations.

    BLACK TOURMALINE (black stone)

    Protection + Stability + Courage + Strength + Positivity

    Put this near the front entrance of your home,hallway table or shelf near your door to shield and absorb negative energy from entering the house.

    One of the most powerful stones for protection. It also carries a grounding energy that brings a deep sense of balance and stability.


    The 'evil eye' which is often referred to as 'nazar' in Turkish culture, is believed to protect against those that wish you harm through jealousy or envy.

    Benefits of the Evil Eye:

    *Protection from your enemies

    *Brings the owner good luck

    *Radiates positive vibes

    *Wards off danger


    **Price is for one kit,intuitively picked for you. The pictures represent the quality & sizing you can expect to receive, however please note that each stone is unique & one of a kind so there will be slight variations in colour, sizing, pattern and striations.









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