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Purple Aura Crystal Cluster-5.5cm

You will fall in love with this very special purple Aura Quartz crystal cluster.It has flashes of purple rainbow tones that catch the light beautifully.

It does stand upright allowing it to be displayed on a mantle, shelf or table.


Peace + Calming + Intuition + Protection 

Aura crystals are fascinating as they are partly natural and partly man made. The crystals are natural Clear Quartz that has been treated with atoms of precious metals. Specific to purple auras,the Clear Quartz crystals are bonded with gold and indium, and occasionally with the addition of Niobium.

The crystals are placed in a vacuum chamber where the quartz is heated to a set temperature where a metal vapour is added to the chamber. The metal atoms fuse to the crystals surface giving it an iridescent metallic sheen. 


In terms of its metaphysical properties, Purple Aura Quartz is believed to enhance spiritual awareness and connection. It is said to stimulate the third eye and crown chakras, promoting intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual insight.

It is also believed to be a protective stone that can help shield one from negative energies and promote mental and emotional clarity.

Purple Aura Crystal Cluster-5.5cm


Aura Stone

Made from Clear Quartz Crystal


Crystal Cluster


Purple With Rainbow Flashes


Approximately~5.5cm x 4.5cm x 5cm high


Approximately~133 grams


**Listing is for 1 cluster.

**You will receive this exact cluster pictured.