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Rocks Box-Set of 5 Raw Stones

Are you looking to start or add raw stones to your crystal journey?

Maybe you have a set of tumbled stones and you're ready to take the next step of incorporating raw stones to your collection.

Whatever the reason,we have carefully hand picked a set of 5 stones that will help to attract;





*Health and positive vibes.

Why Raw Stones?

Raw stones have a beautiful earthy texture that has not gone through the polishing or tumbling process.They are as close to Mother Earth as possible.

They truly help to connect you to nature and are energetically stronger than tumbled stones.Perfect to hold during meditation sessions or to help you to heal,manifest and set your intentions.

They also look really beautiful on your desk,table,workspace and fill up your space with good vibes and energy.

In this kit you will receive the following items;

*1x Amethyst raw stone (purple)~3.5cm x 3cm

*1x Blue Calcite raw stone (light blue)~4cm x 3.5cm

*1x Orange Calcite raw stone (yellow-orange)~4cm x 3.5cm

*1x Green Aventurine raw stone (green)~3.5cm x 3.5cm

*1x Rose Quartz raw stone (light pink)~3.5cm x 3cm

*1x Palo Santo stick (to cleanse your crystals) with simple instructions

*1x White 5 compartment gift box + ribbon~21cm x 4.5cm x 3cm deep

*1x Crystal Identification card


1. Amethyst

Peace + Healing + Balance + Intuition + Protection

A powerful stone to help with  healing.Known to calm the mind and help with stress and anxiety.

Helps increase your intuitive powers and provides protection.

2. Blue Calcite

Energy + Healing + Motivation + Vitality + Confidence

A powerful energy amplifier that eliminates stagnant and negative energy from its environment.

Great stone to help encourage a higher awareness and spiritual growth.

3. Orange Calcite

Positivity + Calming + Energy + Peace + Tranquility

This stone helps to alleviate stress and encourages motivation.

Kept in the office it will bring abundance and good fortune.

Brings a sense of peace and tranquility to your space.

4. Green Aventurine

Happiness + Healing + Positivity + Renewal + Confidence

This is a stone of health,well being and happiness helping to attract positivity into your life.

Its soothing energy will allow you to feel happy,confident and clear headed throughout the day.

5.Rose Quartz

Love + Healing + Peace + Rejuvenation + Harmony

A stone of unconditional love helping to bring deep inner healing and peace.

This stone soothes the heart in times of grief and loss and will help develop self love and acceptance.



A.Before beginning to use this kit, please ensure that the crystals are cleansed the first time you begin to use them.You will receive a Palo Santo stick with this kit to ensure you have a fresh start with your new crystals.Please refer to the cleansing instructions that accompany the kit.

(Note: Crystals are cleansed at Gemrox with Sage prior to delivery to you,however it would still be worthwhile to start fresh with your own energy and intentions).

B.Each day,silently sit and hold your crystals in your hands for a few minutes and take 5 deep breaths.

C. Visualise yourself and feel the healing energies of the crystals.

D.Set your intentions with your crystals and let them know exactly what it is you need them to help you with. Say a few affirmations each day such as:

  • "I deserve to be content and happy".
  • "I am focused on enjoying my life and find happiness everywhere I look".
  • "I attract love,peace and harmony with every interaction".
  • "I am a magnet for success and opportunities flow my way".

E. Place the crystals in a spot where you will see them everyday such as your desk,workspace or table so that you can benefit from their energy.


**Price is per one set of 5 stones, intuitively picked for you.

**Includes white gift box and Palo Santo stick.

**All other crystals and accessories are sold separately.

**The pictures represent the quality & sizing you can expect to receive, however please note that stones are unique & one of a kind so there will be slight variations in colour,sizing, pattern and striations.