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Tumbled Stones Crystal Collector’s Box of 15

If you love the idea of starting your crystal journey with a collection of beautiful tumbled stones, then this is a great little set to begin with.

This gorgeous crystal kit contains 15 pretty tumbled stones that will set you on the path to manifesting love,happiness, joy, abundance,prosperity,peace and more.

Not only is each stone identified for easy recognition, but each crystal has its own identification card that explains its unique properties.

The other great benefit of this set is that it contains a Selenite stone in the tray.The Selenite helps to keep your crystals cleansed and charged at all times......so no need to use sage or palo or any other method to cleanse your crystals.

We still do incorporate a palo santo stick as part of the kit, if you still would like to use the smoke method to ensure your crystals are cleansed. You can use this method each month as part of your cleansing ritual.

This collector's kit contains the following items:

*15 crystal tumbled stones

*15 crystal property cards

*Pink velvety flannel compartment tray with transparent acrylic cover

*1x Palo Santo stick with instructions on how to cleanse your crystals

*1x Pink cardboard box with ribbon

Tumbled Stones Crystal Collectors Box of 15 

Rose Quartz


Love + Healing + Peace 

Harmony + Happiness



Peace + Calming + Intuition  Protection + Healing

Clear Quartz


Energy + Power + Success  Manifestation + Healing



Happiness + Success + Joy Abundance + Wealth



Strength + Courage + Passion  Creativity +Stability

Green Aventurine


Happiness + Success + Positivity Opportunity + Luck

Blue Calcite

Light Blue

Calming + Motivation + Confidence + Positivity 
Selenite Creamy White Peace + Positivity + Protection  Cleansing +
Fluorite Green/Purple Focus + Concentration + Clarity Success + Creativity
Lepidolite Mauve Peace + Tranquility + Balance  Happiness +Harmony
Jade Creamy Green Abundance + Happiness + Luck Love + Success
Amazonite Green Success + Prosperity + Truth  Courage + Good Fortune
Tigers Eye Brown/Gold Protection + Confidence  Courage + Abundance  Willpower
Howlite White/Grey Tranquility + Peace + Patience  Stability + Calming
Sodalite Dark Blue Intuition + Creativity  Inspiration Focus + Communication


Pink velvet tray measures:

15.5cm wide x 11.5cm long x 2.3cm deep


**Price is for one set of 15 tumbled stones in a tray. The pictures represent the quality & sizing you can expect to receive, however please note that each stone is unique & one of a kind so there will be slight variations in colour, sizing, pattern and striations.

**This set is cleansed at Gemrox with white Californian Sage before sending out to you.Kit contains a palo santo stick with instructions so that you can also cleanse at home if you prefer to set your own energy and intentions.

**Kit includes a Selenite stone in the set so your crystals will always be charged and cleansed just by being in the same tray as the Selenite.Please do not get the Selenite wet as it will dissolve in water.

**Kit comes in a pretty pink box ready to be gifted or gift it for yourself.









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    christine F.
    Australia Australia

    Tumbled stones crystal collectors box

    Well I haven’t opened it because Father Christmas wants to leave it for my grand daughter, Minnie, at Christmas! I’ll send a review from Minnie (7) when she opens it. She asked for a collection of Crystals. That included an Amythist. I’ll let you know her response. I can say the service was lightening quick!!



    Well thank you so much for your wonderful review!!! We hope that Minnie loves her new crystal collection. Thank you for supporting our little business. Merry Christmas Gemrox team

    Lyndon C.
    Australia Australia

    Crystal collection box

    Excellent crystals. Absolutely fabulous service!



    Thank you for your wonderful review. We appreciate you taking the time and giving us and our customers valuable feedback. Enjoy your beautiful crystals…. May they bring you many years of happiness. Best wishes Gemrox team